We help our clients make the right design decisions by enabling them to explore and analyse their entire architecture design space, thanks to an enhanced systems engineering approach and a dedicated software tool. We run collaborative workshops with our clients’ engineers and experts in order to:

  • Understand the need and analyse the requirements.
  • Identify potential architectural and technological alternatives.
  • Capture the expertise of our clients and their rules for architecture evaluation.

Based on these inputs, we model the architectural parameters and alternatives in Geeglee®, which then populates and evaluates the entire design space. The result is delivered in the form of an interactive data visualisation platform for decision-making, which our clients can use to explore the design space, challenge the requirements, perform our proprietary analyses (Should Perform®, affordance analysis, uncertainty analysis, …), and select the right architecture.


Software tool


Geeglee® is a key enabler of our method. It is a software that we have developed in order to automatically generate and evaluate the design space of our clients, after integrating their own business and engineering rules.
Augment your systems engineering team with Geeglee® by enabling them to:

  • Capitalise the know-how of your experts.
  • Explore the combinatorial space of your architecture solutions.
  • Play new requirement scenarios and immediately find the new optimum.
  • Test the impact of new technologies.
  • Understand and minimise the impact of uncertainty.
  • Select optimal and robust architectures.


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