About us

System Value is a consulting firm specialized in the engineering of complex industrial systems with a strong focus on system architecture. It has developed an innovative offer to help major industrial groups with their design and system architecture issues. We have optimized the architectures of complex systems such as telecommunication satellite, new generation nuclear reactors, Automotive Motors Group, and hybrid energy vehicles.

The System Value’s offer provides methods and tools to systematically explore potential architectures upstream of the design phase. This value creation is made possible by a methodology, derived from several years of R&D, allowing to dynamically evaluate the compromises to be taken into account in the decision-making processes.

System Value is member of GENARIS Group, an industrial cluster of SME / Micro-business specialists and innovators.

System Value’s expertise is built around two pillars:

  • Our experts in systems engineering and advanced design methods.
  • The design space exploration capabilities provided by Geeglee®.


What is system architecture? Why is it fundamental for your success?